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The Tao of Oprah

Oprah has struck again, although I suppose she's done worse than drive Yahoo! searches for Taoism.

Oprah's book club selections always have readers rushing to the bookshelves and their computers. Her latest choice is no exception. Turning away from the classics, Oprah is now highlighting works by contemporary, living writers. Her first choice on this path, James Frey's (+33%) memoir A Million Little Pieces, has shot up the Buzz charts 157% since September.

Personally, we're still frolicking in Oprah's Summer of Faulkner, but we can't wait to read Frey's book -- a gripping memoir about his drug and alcohol addiction and subsequent recovery. In it, Frey recounts how his brother gave him a copy of Lao-Tzu's Tao Te Ching when he entered a 12-step recovery program. Frey drew inspiration from the classic Chinese text during the program. Both his memoir and Oprah's book club site are peppered with quotes from the sage piece.

Nothing against Lao-Tzu, of course, but pop-psychology memoirs are another matter entirely.
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