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Do you think Oprah's Book Club was the worst thing to happen to books since banning them?

Do you want to gag every time you're in a book store and overhear someone say that they'll only read Oprah's recommendations?

Did you start planning a party when you heard she'd discontinued it?

Did you nearly go into paroxisms of disbelief when you heard her reasoning was that there just weren't enough good books anymore?

If so, this is the place for you!

Talk about the books you love.

Talk about the books you hate.

Talk about books that you think are seriously underrated.

Talk about books you think are seriously overrated.

Talk about Oprah's all too powerful hold on a vast percentage of the population. (Ick.)

Talk about funny bookstore / library incidents.

Talk about anything having to do with books, just so long as Oprah wouldn't approve! :D

Finally - There are over eight THOUSAND communities and users listing Harry Potter as an interest, so please, keep the cape wearing kiddies out of this, hrm? There are plenty of other places to discuss it, so leave at least one book community free of it, okay?

This is a forum for discussing books. Not for advertising your communities. Such posts will be imediately deleted. Thanks.